At Reliable Title Agency, Inc. we provide a range of services and support to help buyers and sellers navigate the complex process of real estate transactions, and ensure that each transaction is completed accurately and legally. We focus on due diligence and best practices in each and every transaction, and are committed to providing you with the highest level of professionalism and care.

Owner's Title Insurance

Owner’s Title Insurance provides the buyer with complete assurance about the validity of the title, relieving both buyer and seller of liability for title problems such as fraud, improper transfers, undisclosed heirs, and human error in transcribing information. If someone claims they have rights to your land and you are covered by owners title insurance.

Mortgagee Title Insurance

Mortgagee Title Insurance differs from owners title insurance in that the mortgagee policy insures the interest of the lender. The lender interest and owner interest are entirely different and are not transferable. Because the mortgagee policy insures the interest of the lender, the buyer pays for it as a part of the requirements for the loan.

Title Guarantee

A title insurance policy that insures only against defects of title appearing in the public records.

Current Owner Searches

Searches of this type begin with the present and proceed back to the date of acquisition of the subject property by the current owner. Current owner searches cover all records contained in county Recorder's Offices, the Treasurer's office, and the Clerk of Courts and Probate Court which relate to the acquisition of the subject property by the current owner.

Full 60-Year Searches

These searches begin with the present and proceed back 60 years. A Full 60 Year Search covers all records contained in county Recorder's Offices, the Treasurer's office, and the Clerk of Courts and Probate Court which relate to the subject property and current owners in the past 60 years. A Full 60 Year Search is required by our underwriters before Reliable Title Agency, Inc. can issue title insurance (unless Reliable Title Agency, Inc. has a previously issued title policy on the subject property which is less than ten years old).

Searches with Back Title

The owners title insurance you received when you bought your home will provide you with a reduced rate on the title insurance you must purchase for the buyer when you sell your home. The Ohio Department of Insurance regulates rates for title insurance policies issued in Ohio so that consumers may take advantage of a reissue rate (40% less than the current rate) when they sell their homes. This allows us to perform a current owner search rather than a 60 year search, saving us time and you money.

Lien Searches

A Lien search is the same as a current owner search except that we do not include a search of the records of the Probate Court.

List Assist

A List Assist search proceeds from the present back to the date of acquisition by the current owner of the subject property, and is conducted in the county offices of the Recorder and Treasurer only. These searches are free of charge; the Auditor's Office can be included upon request for a small fee.

Deed Restrictions/Subdivision Info/Tax Info

To obtain this information from the county records on any single subject property, just call our office with the owner's name, lot number, and subdivision name.

Filing of Documents

We can record any documents requiring recordation with the appropriate county office. For documents prepared at Reliable Title Agency, Inc., only the county office's filing fee will be charged.

Construction Loan Draw Services

Reliable Title Agency, Inc. performs construction loan closings, holds funds for disbursement, performs title updates, and obtains lien waivers from contractors in accordance with instructions obtained from the lender and Ohio law.

Standard Escrows for Completion/Repair

We can prepare escrow agreements, hold escrowed funds, and disburse these funds according to said agreement and instructions from the lender.

Refinance Closings

When you refinance the first mortgage on your home your new lender will require that you purchase a new mortgagee title insurance policy to cover their interest in your property. While you may already have a mortgagee title insurance policy covering your old loan, the coverage under this policy ceases when the old loan is paid off. You will also need a title company to perform the closing.


Reliable Title's experienced staff is trained to close any type of real estate transaction. Whether you are the buyer, seller, Realtor, lender, builder or developer, we have 65 years of combined experience to apply to your transaction.

Notary Services

Notary Services are available for just one document or an entire closing or escrow package. This includes same day overnight mail back to customer. Recording services can be requested at an additional charge.

Preparation of Legal Documents

Whether you need only one document prepared or every document needed for a closing, our legal staff is ready and able to assist you.

Pre-Signing of Documents

Moving into or out of town is stressful enough without having to worry about making time to sign documents. That's why Reliable Title Agency, Inc. affords you the convenience of signing documents ahead of time and leaving them with us while you attend to the business of moving. Documents can be "overnighted" to anywhere you designate, along with full instructions for their correct completion and the phone number of a "real live person" you can talk to at any time if you need help.

Out-of-Office Closings

If coming to one of our offices isn't convenient, we can make arrangements to schedule your closing at a location of your choosing.

Consultation on Pre- or Post-Closing Matters

It often takes someone with experience to deal with the communication problems you may experience with your lender, the county Treasurer's office, or any of the many other parties involved in a real estate transaction. Our experienced staff is here to help, both before and after the closing.


Our inter office network allows us fast easy access to documents either posted to a site or sent via e-mail.


Payoffs are obtained promptly with a provided customer authorization and account number.

Weekend or Evening Closings

Our staff provides evening and weekend closings to make it as convenient as possible to close a loan.

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